History Alive


History Alive 

Let stories transmit light and heat of life

Life stories initiate cross-generational communication 

“History Alive” was an arts program introduced by Elders Share the Arts (ESTA) in New York. Since 2005, Shin Kong Life Foundation has been working with the Godot Theatre Company to utilize the expertise in performing arts to provide a platform for elders to share their life stories, interact with youth, unlock the legacy of life, and in turn lead the two generations to perform “Life Theatre,” which has truthfully displayed life stories of elders and ignite sparks intergenerationally. 

In the recent years, the Godot Theatre Company has rolled out more diverse and innovative programs. We launched a non-age-restricted course named “Happy School,” which welcomed three-generation households to participate together. We cooperated with National Taiwan Museum in tailoring a cross-generational theatrical guided tour to create a fascinatingly interactive experience within the exhibition venue and viewers. Also, we moved deep into remote and rural areas to present teaching demonstrations and listen to more unique and splendid life stories. We walked out from Taiwan to conduct demonstrations in Beijing and visit Scotland’s Creative Ageing Festival. By borrowing both eastern and western views on ageing, we have actively expanded the spirit of History Alive to treat ageing a priceless gem, not a burden. 

Adopting counties and towns around Taiwan

The Godot Theatre Company has launched “Fundraise 30: Cross-Generational Theatre Projects” since 2018. With crowdfunding and project adoption, we initiate programs and courses into counties and towns island-wide, to organize story classes for elders with themes of local cultures and geographical environment. We also arrange elders to schools and museums filled with local histories to share their life stories with children. By so doing, those cross-generational actors and actresses who are interested in creating theatre plays together are able to transmit their life experiences, gather distinctive local traditions, and retrieve the gen polished by time and history. Up to now, Tamsui and Shulin in New Taipei City, Taichung City, Pingdong County, and Yilan County have been adopted. With our professional competence and enthusiasm, we would love to invite you to contribute to your hometown, archive your life stories, and irrigate your hometown with love and creativity.          

Invite you to join History Alive

History Alive is a big family with three generations. It can be life education courses in schools; it can draw closer the distance within family members; it can make more contributions in communities. Hopefully, by multidimensional promotions, we will help more elders to receive the happiness at present, motivate more children to value and cherish others, and enable more people to have courage to cope with “aging,” and pass down light and heat of life. The Godot Theatre Company welcomes any individual, enterprise, school or foundation who wish to fund or collaborate on this program, any older adult aged sixty or over who would love to tell his/her life stories, and anyone who are interested in attending the training courses for the program, to contact us. 

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