Office Goes Mad

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Mark, a career rookie who has failed job interviews for 49 times, meets his life savior “Mr. Elevator.” Mr. Elevator has worked in an advertising agency for 30 years and seen through the tricky world of the business. He senses that Mark is such a kind, obedient, and hardworking employee that he decides to give him a hand. The first step is to help him prepare for a successful interview. 

Mark finally gets the offer from this company. To happily work with his colleagues and boss, he does his best to do chores a rookie should do, including ordering lunchboxes and drinks, fixing the photocopier, cleaning the office, and putting a smile on his face. However, the rookie is far too naïve. His colleagues are very skilled at shirking their duties. Charlie, the sales supervisor who always brownnoses their boss, and Rita, the clever and cold-blooded marketing supervisor, are always at each other’s throats, and shuffle their works off onto Mark. Plus, his boss is so clueless and brainless. No matter how well Mark does his job, his credit is always taken away and is forced to hold the bag. The only salvation and hope in this miserable career life is the most sweet and considerate executive assistant to the general manager, Vivian.

Office Goes Mad is based on Mark’s comic book with the same title. Mark, the well-known cartoonist and blogger, is popular among netizens and famous for capturing common workplace issues with humorous and sarcastic short stories. Office Goes Mad extracts the main characters from Mark’s original comic strips as the foundation and presents the ups and downs of white-collar workers with comic techniques. By cooperating and communicating with talented creators in the different field, we exchange the creativity of the text and the performance and inspire the infinite imagination on the stage.

|Artist Credits|

Original Book License Office Goes Mad by Mark

Production Integration Baboo Liao

Directors Xu Zhe-Bin, Huang Yu-Qing

Script Jian Li-Ying, Ye Zhi-Wei, Ye Yan-Ru

Set Design Liao Yin-Qiao

Lighting Design Huang Nuo-Hsing

Costume Design Li Yu-Sheng

Music Design Ke Zhi-Hao

Stage Manager Zhang Zhong-Ping, Li Wei-Qian, Zhou Xian-Xin


2014/08/08, Legacy Max, Taipei Xinyi Place A11, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi


Office Goes Mad is the second most-performed production with the first version of the Godot Theatre Company. It has run for over 100 performances with the same version. After the production in Taiwan was invited to Shanghai (for the International Comedy Festival) and Beijing in 2015, it was licensed to Shanghai Baiting Cultural Communication Ltd. and Jalent Organization to produce the version in China, and has still toured in China.