Kiss Me Nana

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Located in the Miro City is the Hao Family, in which there is a pair of sisters who greatly differ in temperament. The big sister Hao Li-na can neither bear the ignorance and self-importance of men, nor be constrained by traditional social values, while the little sister Hao Li-si is gentle and virtuous, with many men pursuing her. Their father, nicknamed Father Hao, thus makes an announcement that unless Li-na gets married first, he will not approve Li-si’s marriage.

Lu Xiu-sen meets Hao Li-si on the street while he travels from the Mati City to the Miro City to study. He falls in love with her at first sight. Therefore, he orders his servant Kou-zi to swap identities with him so that he can disguise himself as a literature tutor to apply for a job in the Hao Family. Meanwhile, Pan Da-long from the Dali City is an arrogant chauvinist who never speaks softly about love. He visits his good friend Huo Xiao-kai living in the Miro City and attempts to seek a beautiful wife who will be a perfect match for him. 

On the one hand, the pseudo-literature-tutor Lu Xiu-sen and the pseudo-music-tutor Huo Xiao-kai use their whole bag of tricks to please Hao Li-si. On the other hand, Hao Li-na, who is eager to embrace an unusual love, meets Pan Da-long. They always have fierce verbal battles and do not yield to each other. These men and women wrestle power from love relationships; however, does anyone successfully tame another? In the battlefield of love, you never know who will win.  

|Artist Credits|

Original Book The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Script Adapt & Lyrics Lo-Jung Chen

Music Tom Chang

Music Director and Arrangement Koji Sakurai

Scenic Design Po-Lin Li

Lighting Design Chuan-Fu Liu

Costume Design Francis Shen

Visual Design Ethan Wang

Choreograph Yi-Hsuan Lee

Mechanical Horse Design Chin-Yuan Yang 

Stage Manager Nuo-Hsing Huang


The first version: 1997/08/01, The National Theater, Taipei

Extra show version: 1997/10/31, Taitung County Cultural Center, Taitung

New century re-run version: 1999/05/14, National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei

Classic remake version: 2018/09/14, The National Theater, Taipei 


Adapted from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, the first version of this play leapt onto the stage of the National Theater as Taiwans’ first rock musical and received wide acclaim from the audience and critics. It was the first time for the then eminent singer Tom Chang, who had worked with the Godot Theatre Company for many times, to serve as the songwriter and music arranger in a musical. He perfectly accomplished the so-called “mission impossible” (in his own words) by composing melodious and harmonious tunes to fit into colloquial lyrics. This play was highly praised as “the best musical of the decade” in Chinese-language theatre by Music Magazine.