Love Ya Mom

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Kelly Hu works as a senior mechanic in an auto repair service named My Home. After her husband David Li died ten years ago due to a car crash, Kelly raises her daughter Sandy Li alone as a single mom. Kelly’s upright and honest boss, Paul Jiang, who is also her steady boyfriend, decides to propose to her. However, Sandy has been thinking of her father since she was little so that she does not accept that her mother is going to remarry. Therefore, Sandy turns to Dr. Leo, the instructor of the scientific research club in the school, and volunteers to be the experimental subject for his new medicine, which will be able to carry her back to the past and retrieve the happiness with her living father then.

Accidentally, Kelly drinks the second dose of medicine while she is getting tipsy. When she gets up, she surprisingly finds out that she swaps her body with her daughter! Unacceptable though, Kelly and Sandy have to replace each other to live another life. While Sandy has no choice but deal with her mom’s difficult customer in the auto repair shop, Kelly goes along to an audition to realize her daughter’s dream of joining the rock band club. Both the mother and the daughter face with totally different lives. Chaos thus unfolds before the cure is developed.

|Artist Credits|

Director James Chi-Ming Liang

Script & Lyrics Lo-Jung Chen

Music Director and Composer Chris Babida

Set Design Po-Lin Li

Lighting Design Chuan-Fu Liu

Costume Design Ping-Ping Pamerla Chin

Visual Design Ethan Wang

Choreographer Ching-Ching Lee

Stage Manager Nuo-Hsing Huang, Oliver Chen

(Commissioned by National Performing Arts Center- National Theater & Concert Hall, Taiwan, R.O.C.)


2017/04/07,The National Theater, Taipei


Love Ya Mom began its tours with the Taiwan International Festival of Arts on the theme of “Everlasting” in 2017. After touring around Taiwan, this musical was invited by Esplanade—Theatres on the Bay in Singapore and became the first musical for the Godot Theatre Company staged in Singapore. There was not time difference between the National Theater Hall in Taipei and Esplanade in Singapore, while 1785 nautical miles between these two venues were the distance between the Chinese musicals and international theatre. With the introduction of Esplanade, the whole world saw the boundlessness and openness of the Chinese-language musicals. This warm musical has one clear core of the Godot Theatre Company which we have held since the company was founded—unchangeable heartfelt feelings in a changeable era. Even though the bodies are swapped, and the time passes, there is still unaffected love in the disturbing world.